At our family-run farm, our vision is for families and close friends to pick produce together, create memories, experience the growing process, and of course, enjoy nutritious, wholesome food. We receive great joy in seeing others participate in farm activities.

Our major crops: strawberries ,blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes and cut flowers.  

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Open hours:
Open everyday from 9 to 5 pm. 

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Strawberries- April/June $3.89/lb
Cut your flower bouquet -$15/cup
Blackberries- (June/July)
Blueberries - (June/July) Tomatoes - $3.25/lb(June- August-23)
Zucchini/Squash/Cucumbers- $2.75/lb (May-July)


What is currently in season for pick your own?
For the most up to date information.  Click here.  
How do I pay for the berries?
You pay for what you pick.  We will provide you containers to pick into and then we will weigh them after you leave the field at our farmstand.  We accept cash, debit, credit and contactless payments. 
What do I need to know about picking? 

  • All you need to do is to show up and check in with us at the farmstand.  We will give you instructions on how your group will proceed.  
  • We will provide the containers to pick in.  
  • Due to food safety regulations, pets are not allowed on the property. 
  • We accept cash, debit, credit, and contactless payments.

What are good practices on picking strawberries? 

  • Find red berries.  The fruit will not ripen once picked. 
  • The best way to pick strawberries is to grasp the stem between your forefinger and thumbnail, then lightly pull and twist at the same time. Let the berry roll into the palm of your hand. Gently place the fruit in a container


Pre-Picked, Pick-Up

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While we are not certified organic, we use the best farming practices for the health of our land and the safety of our customers to provide delicious, wholesome food! We do not use herbicides or pesticides, but utilize mulch to control weeds, build soil structure, and retain moisture, and pollinators and “good” insects!


  • Katie Taylor Deegan
    Love love love the Ivy Place! Genie and Terry are both so sweet and easy to work with! The farm is gorgeous and offers such a wide variety of spots for beautiful photos whether it's a wedding or portrait session!
    Katie Taylor Deegan
  • Laura
    We had such a fun time picking strawberries, which were plentiful and so big! The owner was kind and there was a sweet dog there to greet us. The very next day our 3 year-old asked if we could go back.
    Family Berry Pickers
  • Kathy
    Beautiful, well kept, and super friendly! We had a wonderful day. The strawberries were gorgeous. Will for sure be back for the blueberries.
    Family Berry Pickers