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Daily Updates From Ivy Place

Saturday (9 to 5 pm)
Sunday (1 to 5pm) Likely due to rain
Updated for Saturday

Pick your Own Section
Strawberries : $3.89/lb Fair- Picking will be ok this weekend. Shouldn’t have trouble filling a bucket.  Not a good weekend picking for volume.  When you see a water damaged berry, pick and throw in the walking aisle- much appreciated. 
Blueberries: $4.83/lb- Limited- Rows marked with cones and pink ribbon
Flowers- $15/$25- Cut your own flowers looking good.
Blackberries – $4.83/lb- Anticipate around end of May
Tomatoes– $3.25/lb- Starting to blush.  A few sungolds. 

Zucchini/Squash/cucumbers- $2.75/lb- very limited- Next week=much more
Sugar snap peas- $4/lb (next to Kale in Greens section)
Greens-Limited: $2 sm/$4 lg bag Kale is looking pretty good

Spring onions/scallions- Available- 50 cents
Dig your own Potatoes– 5/24/24 will be start of digging season

(Pre Picked) Available on the table at farm stand
Strawberries: $8/$23-  Not available- Needs to stop raining. 
Tomatoes: $3.25/lb- Limited- New Girl available – starting to come in.
Flowers: $25- Bouquets (precut)- Not available
Squash/Zucchini/Cucumbers- $2.75/lb – Limited

Sunday 4/28

The Berry Farm will open from 1pm to 5pm on Sunday (4/28).